Marrow Interview

“Where do you write? There’s a swamp a few miles down the road from where I live in Michigan. I like to go there, park the car and read and write. ”

Diving Deep: Re’Lynn Hansen Discusses “To Some Women I Have Known”

“In her memoir of prose poems and essays, Re’Lynn Hansen captures what she calls the “prismatic moment” the color burst, the distilled essence of past.”

Prism Interview

Prism International | May 2014

“I'm not sure there's a short answer regarding the inspiration for writing 'Reunion.' I like to write about the connective tissue in life...”

Chapbook Interview

Speaking of Marvels | January 2014

“It seems to me that a chapbook isolates a piece not just as a work of literature but as a work of art. The short form tells us...”

Craft Essays

Paradox Recognition and Pathos

South Loop Review | Vol. 13

“Perhaps I am drawn to creative nonfiction in particular because this genre accepts our impulse to create something abstract and grandiose...”

The Boy Who Wasn’t In the Balloon

South Loop Review | Vol. 12

“...the parents of six year old Falcon Heene claimed that their son was on board a helium balloon that had floated away from their backyard..”